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Your Mileage May Vary 

You’ll see written a lot when reading reviews something along the lines of “… the provider and I went all out with Greek, CFS, DFK/LFK, BBBJ, and DATY, it was fantastic, but as always, YMMV.” 

What this means is that he got to experience all those aconyms with the provider during that particular session, but that does not mean that every client will enjoy those same services at every session. Another hobbyist could see the same provider and get to do much much less during his visit. Why this happens is different with every provider and every hobbyist. Sometimes, the provider is hesitant to offer everything on her “menu” during the very first visit, other times she just isn’t feeling the chemistry that day with the hobbyist, she might be on her period which means DATY is almost always off the table, or perhapys the hobbyist said something to royally piss her off that day (gentlemen, if you have managed to piss off your provider at any point in time, just apologize, do it and get it over with, but mean it! It will save you a lot of grief in the longrun, and trust me, there’s zero chance that she will swallow anything at all until you first learn to swallow your pride, and that is a fact). It’s not really a fair system, since each hobbyist is usually paying the same donation, but luckily, the best providers find a way to give their clients the very best experience even despite sometimes not offering certain acronyms. 

I wish I had a better description of YMMV, but hopefully this is accurate enough to make sense to any confused and budding newbies. 


The information written above is entirely subjective and is not written from personal experience, but rather from personal research. I do not condone or take part in any illegal behaviors or activities and I do not associate with anyone who does.