Hello gentlemen,
I did some minor donation remodeling a week or so ago, but I’ve decided to do a complete overhaul as of today. The QV is back, but this time, there will be no confusion over what the QV entails…
Also, what I said before about current clients continuing to pay the same rates as they have been still applies

click here to view those rates

and this will continue until the end of January, 2018, after which everyone will donate the same amount. There are several reasons I’ve chosen to change my rates, none of which are really anyone’s business but my own, but I don’t mind sharing my motivation a little bit. For one thing, I’ve upped my game in many ways in recent months. I still don’t offer full-service or greek, but I know many of my regular friends can attest to the fact that I do offer much more than I did in the past and I’ve gotten to be much more comfortable with what I’m doing, not to mentioned skilled, which obviously adds immensely to the overall enjoyment of any session. Simplicity is a second factor; whereas before I had posted several various fees for each individual fetish, now I simply request one flat fee to unlock any fetish I offer, or even a combination of fetishes.

Foot worship is now free of charge because honestly, I don’t mind my feet getting the bulk of the attention during a visit, I enjoy immensely having my feet being touched and/or massaged (NOT tickled however- God help the poor soul who tries to tickle my feet…).

Hopefully, the new rate system agrees with everyone, and if it doesn’t, you can go ahead and brood about it in the privacy of your own home, but don’t sulk about in front of me, it’s unbecoming of a gentleman.

QV | 100 (IC only)
30mins | 150 (IC only)
*60mins | 220
*90mins | 340
*2hrs | 400
4hrs | 750 (OC only)
Overnight | 1250 (OC only)

  • ***OC add +50 within Eugene/Springfield

Permitted fetishes +80 = (*watersports, NURU, CBT, *Ass worship, Bondage, Spanking/flogging, humiliation/ SPH, *prostate massage, *strap-on, photos/videos)

  • *** inquire for terms
  • The only ones I ask less than +80 is MSOG and you giving of DATO, for which I request only a minimum “tip” of +20 for each activity.