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No Call No Show

The NCNS is one of the most infurating things a client (or former client) can do to a provider and is a sure-fire way to lose all favor with her. Whether or not the client bothers to try and give her an excuse as to why he could not take the 60-seconds to send a text letting her know that he would need to cancel the session, the botton line is there simply is no excuse for such behavior and it is rarely tolerated by any provider. Even last minute cancellations are often subjected to cancellation fees before another session will be allowed, so a NCNS, as you can imagine, is beyond any fee much of the time. Why? Trust is of the utmost importance with any type of erotic service, and the person who NCNS is not a trustworthy individual and therefore, they land on the provider’s DNS list.

The point you should take from this page is to never ever ever EVER NCNS. Not ever, and if you do, don’t expect that provider to respond to your texts in the future. If this is something you’ve already done, and you’re looking for a way to make amends with her, all I can say for advice is this: grovel, Apologize profusely, purchase the most expensive thing on her Amazon wishlist (if she has one), then grovel some more. And she still might not take you back. In that case, if after one-day of begging for another chance you haven’t gotten any kind of response other than “no“, then it’s time to stop groveling and stop harrassing her anymore except to thank her for teaching you such a valuable lesson. 


The information written above is entirely subjective and is not written from personal experience, but rather from personal research. I do not condone or take part in any illegal behaviors or activities and I do not associate with anyone who does.