Not Batmand and Robin, better, WAY better.
I had never been with two women before so a duo was kind of a bucket list type of thing.
I was looking for a kinky somewhat bdsm experience with two women who “know the ropes”.
I had already seen Savannah Mae a few times and new she would be great, she’ll take me as far as I want to go and then a little farther.
Savannah and I had some discussion on the topic and kicked around a few names for her accomlice, we decided on KittyKatya which was
a great choice, plus she is local to the area and that made it pretty easy to set up a date that would work for all of us.
At the appointed date and time I arrived at Savannahs door with great anticipation, and when she opened the door I knew this was going
to be a very special day.
The vision I was greeted with was like Heaven, nay, better than Heaven! Two beautiful, smokin’ sexy hot redheads provacatively dressed
and beckoning me to come in. We chatted a bit, discussed some of the extra goodies I brought for them, then Savannah got down to business
and instructed me to go to the play room and undress. Once she had me where she wanted me she put me down on my knees and made me service
her. Katya was ensuring that I did a good job and made me repeat my services until she was satisfied that I had given proper respect
to Savannah.
After this introductory period I was put up on the massage table with my legs suspended in a very vulnerable mish position,
Now the guinea pig phase. Savannah is adept at certain esoteric techniques that Katya had never tried. Savannah demonstrated and then
Katya took her first shot at it. I was happy to be her first and she did a very nice job! I popped the first time during the demo.
Now, on to the “meat” of our meeting. Still on the table with my legs up Savannah came up between my legs and began maneuvering her sizable
extra appendage into attack position. She banged me like a banshee and all the while Katya was smothering me with her most delicious
pussy. Savannah really excels here, she can really fuck you brains out. And she loves it, the loud moans and grunts she makes
while she’s banging you are so fucking sexy. I could almost cum just listening to her fuck. She’s an animal!
Break time (not sure if that is the best choice of words). Still in a pretty helpless position, I was made even more helpless by
a large strap across my chest pinning me to the table. Out comes the wartenberg wheel which is made even more interesting with the
application of a few volts. If it were’nt for being tied down I probably would have lifted off the table. The sensations were extreme.
Seeing sparks in my eyes. Savannah was laughing and grinning almost demonically, she was definately having fun. Oh, and lets not
forget the sounds, not sure how big they got, my face was covered by beautiful tasty treats.
Now it was Katya’s turn to do the bump and grind. She got down from her perch on my very happy face and strapped on her special gift
and proceeded to give me a nice sensuous pegging. Now Savannah was riding my tongue, hard, and letting me relish in her so delicioius
pussy. I even got to lick her very cute little back door. I think she even came! BONUS! Katya, still putting some very nice moves on
me with her troublemaker.
Savannah was determined to make me pop again, so the swapped places again and she started in with an intense HJ while gently pegging me.
It took awhile, and she really worked for it, but she was successful. Making me cum again like that was mind blowing. If I had’nt been
tied up I would have climbed the walls! And, BONUS, Katya was again resting her most delightful treat in my oh so happy face.
Long story short, I had the most unfuckingbelievable time of my life. I think I was almost in sensory overload most of the time (2 hours).
I dont know if I will ever be able to do this again, but I will NEVER forget it!
These two ladies just rocked my universe into a whole new dimension.