You may have noticed that my rates increased as of today. To my current friends, I want you all to know that I appreciate each and every one of you, and to express my appreciation, the rates will remain as they were for the time being for you wonderful gentlemen. So, if you have been donating 280 or 90-minutes, you will continue to donate 280 for 90-mins for an indefinite amount of time. Consider it my holiday gift to you! And to any potential new friends, I won’t negotiate the rate increase with you, but I will be unveiling an unbeatable holiday special in exactly one week, so keep an eye out, you won’t want to miss this one, especially you find yourself at all struggling with the new donation. 

Lots of XOXO to everyone reading this until next time! K.

The new rates are as follows:


30m | 150

60m | 200

90m | 300

120m | 380


30m | ————-

60m | 250

90m | 350

120m | 440