There seems to be a lot of posts lately about being ripped off, or some BP meet-up not going as planned.
And hey, shit happens. We’ve ALL been there. If you’re going to search on BP, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind. Before you end up on TNA being shamed for not knowing what to do, start here.

Do the pics look too good to be true? Are they professional shots? Is she a size 4 with DDs offering $50qv?
Hover over one of her pictures. Right-click or double-tap on your trackpad. Select “Search Google for this image” (because you’re already in Chrome, going Incognito, right?). The pic search will open up in a new tab.
Do the pics come up? Great! Are they related to anything BUT this girl? Stay away.
While it’s not always the case, there’s a good chance she’s using stock images found via some modeling website. It’s also a good idea to consider how many results you get for that image. Even if it IS her, a lot of results may indicate she’s been using that pic for a while. Different names, numbers, and other indicators may not always mean she is scamming you, but it’s not a good sign.
If she IS using old pics, that might be why the 50qv is offered. Chances are, you’ll be disappointed when she opens the door and looks very little like those sexy pics that lured you there to begin with.
Don’t be afraid to ask for more pics. Don’t be shocked when she shoots you down, either. Some girls think guys are just collecting pics, even if your intentions are true. Some ‘burner phones’ don’t have good cameras either, or she may not have a solid data plan attached to that line.
If she can’t come up with more than the same five pictures she’s been using for three years, it’s probably best to move along.

TNA is your friend. Search sucks worse than just about anything else on this site, but enter her number (and use the 123-456-7890 format with dashes) and/or name in the search bar up top. Does anything come up? No?
Try something like The Erotic Review (TER), and see if you get any results.
If you’re using her name on TNA, try using “BP” in front of it.
Should you see nothing, Google the number and see if some off-beat board has a review (and NOT one of those ‘eroticmugshot’ review boards — those are all bullshit reviews).
Should you not find anything, ask her if she has reviews somewhere under a different name, or maybe a profile on a different board.
No reviews for someone who has been doing this a while suggests she’s avoiding attention, which could be innocent. There may be something less than kosher going on there, too. Proceed with caution if you can’t find a single shred of info on her.

Be prepared to walk. Be prepared to forfeit a portion of your donation and walk the fuck away, every time.
Sometimes, the best laid plans don’t get you laid. Everything seems great — she has good reviews, is nice on the phone (or via text), and is otherwise accommodating. What could go wrong?!
It happens. You get there, and she looks nothing like her pics, or is somehow not appealing to you at all based on what you’ve seen so far. It’s alright. Just be prepared to toss down a portion of your intended donation out of respect for her time (and that she may have been able to book another appointment), apologize that you don’t think it will work out for whatever reason, and graciously make your exit.
Don’t give her shit about her pics, or come to TNA reporting her as a ROB or ‘time waster’. Your mileage varied. Deal with it.

If you feel the need to inform others about your experience via a post or review on TNA or something, you should. Just know your bad experience doesn’t always add up to some girl intentionally messing with you. If you met up and she took your donation and ran, that’s definitely a ROB. Did she make an appointment and go silent when you were at the arranged spot? That’s a time waster.
Did she give you a lazy HJ while watching ‘Full House’ reruns? That’s not a time waster — that’s hilarious. Let everyone know your experience sucked if it did, but don’t bash her rep unnecessarily.

If she doesn’t want to see you, she doesn’t want to see you. If her ad says ‘No AA men’, that means no black dudes. Oh well. Move along.
Regardless of how you might feel about her rules, they’re hers. She is placing the ad. Just as you can choose who you want to hang out with, so can she. You don’t have to like it, you just have to accept it.
Don’t report her as a racist, or blow her phone up with hateful rhetoric. You don’t know why she has the rules she does, so just accept it and move on.

Expect everything to be covered. Unless she implicitly tells you you’ll get a BBBJCIM, don’t expect that. If she doesn’t want to discuss it over text or the phone, expect everything during your encounter will be covered. If it’s not, wonderful.

Be observant. Strange car in the parking lot with some dude glaring at you for no reason? Could be the ‘management’.
Did she not lock the door when you got inside the room? Expect the date to end early when her ‘boyfriend’ chases you out. If she doesn’t want the door locked, scroll back up and read the part about tossing part of the donation down and taking your leave.
Is she acting sketchy? Again, nothing says you HAVE to stay. If she’s anything but what was advertised, split. Did her ad say “bubbly, outgoing personality” when all you see is a dismissive clock-watcher? Was she wonderful via text but rude in person? Maybe it’s best to tell her to have a great day and bolt.

Stay in contact and be clear on your message. Confirm the appointment, tell her you’ll call or text (whatever you’ve agreed on) when it’s necessary (some girls want you to get to a spot near them THEN message), and be clear about what is going on.
If you’re meeting at 3:00, and it’s 2:50 while you’re waiting in a parking lot, tell her you’re there and need further direction. Once 3:15 hits and you’ve not heard anything, maybe it’s time to remind her of your appointment time and give her the benefit of the doubt. We all run late now and then.
If she hasn’t seen you in a reasonable amount of time from when your appointment was set (and there is no rule for what ‘appropriate’ is. You may think 3:15 is already too late), let her know what your plans are. If you’re ready to leave, you should.
This is a classic ‘time waster’ scenario, but in being communicative, you’ll have made sure she can’t give the “I never heard from you” response. Don’t show up at 3:00 and expect her to manage your movement. Be in touch and you’ll be in touch.

With about 5 minutes extra work before you ever leave home or work and your expectation level set accordingly after you set something up, you’ll help yourself avoid a lot of annoying (and possibly dangerous) encounters.
Will this prevent every unfortunate situation? Nope, but it will point you in the right direction. While aimed at BP, the same guidelines can be applied to TNA as well.
Good luck out there.