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Etiquette : Appointments

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Sessions before 12PM o’clock/noon should be scheduled the previous night before 11PM.

Never come straight to my door without texting me first, even if it’s your appointment time. Always text to make sure I’m 100% ready for you when you arrive for a session.

Last minute cancellations and especially NCNSs will not be tolerated. You may be charged a fee before you can see me for a reschedule session if this becomes an issue.

In the rare event that I have to cancel last minute, I will make it up to you with a discout to your next session.

If you want to smoke weed at any point, you can do so outside, but any illegal substances are not welcome in my studio at all. Leave them at home or in your car, I’m not going to “party” with you.

I very very rarely drink alcohol, but occasionally, the circumstances simply call for it. Always arrange bringing any kind of alcohol with me ahead of time, please don’t bring it as a surprise.

My studio is wheelchair accessible.

I am available to see men, women, couples, gay, trans, white, POC etc., I am able to see those with a physical handicap/disability, but I cannot see anyone with a serious mental handicap/disability. To carify, if a person is unable to fully comprehend the gravity of their decisions, I don’t think my sessions will be appropriate for him/her.


Talking about donations in person is awkward and tacky. All donation-related discussions should be done by phone or email before the session begins.

Never hand cash to me directly.

When you step into my studio, place your donation into the wooden bowl sitting at the edge of the fireplace before the session begins. The session won’t begin until this is done. 

During an outcall, be sure to have your donation on a table in plain sight before I arrive.

Donations are non-negotiable. Hagglers will be blocked without hesitation.

At this point, I can only accept cash; however, I will soon be accepting alternative methods of donation such as Google Wallet and credit/debit cards.

I do not trade for 420 or any other drugs.

You’re not required to tip, but anything extra you desire to give is always very much appreciated.

If you’re ever so inclined to bring me a gift, take a look at my Amazon Wishlist to see the kinds of items I like the most.

Hygiene & Grooming 

 Please make sure to take a shower before coming to see me.

I now have a fully-stocked bathroom including shower available for you to use at anytime (please mention ahead of time when you will want/need to use the shower, that’s very helpful to me)

Find a moment to clip your nails, brush and lightly floss your teeth (but be aware of bleeding gums!), and if possible, trim the hair in the undercarriage.

Your attention to all of this is very much appreciated and will be rewarded!

If you have scheduled a fetish session to include any kind of anal/prostate play, you must perform an enema on yourself one hour before arriving for your session with me. This is not a suggestion, it is a requirement. If things get very messy and it becomes clear to me that you did not fulfill this requirement, I won’t hesitate to halt the session and send you home without refund, so keep that in mind. Below you will find some links to help you if enemas are a new concept to you.


I don’t mind sharing about my life during conversation, but please keep personal questions to a minimum. Asking if I have a boyfriend or if I’m looking for a relationship isn’t appropriate.

Hard Limits:

  • Full-service & Greek
  • Scat
  • Pedophilia & Beastiality

** this does not mean that anything and everything else is permitted. If I notice something suspicious on your penis, you’ll be wearing a cover for the duration of the session, period. I’m not into taking unnecessary risks. No means no in my studio; in fact, no always means no, regardless of the circumstances. It’s a pretty simple concept really.

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