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How will I know which rate I should donate?

I’ll tell you which one at some point; if I don’t mention it and you’re left uncertain, just ask me… don’t guess..

What happened to your menus?

As of now, I do not have a menu. I’ve kind of combined the FBSM and the GFE into one experience, and seeing how that goes. I was beginning to feel like the ‘menu’ was becoming an outdated system. I just did not like the idea of there existing a ‘menu’ for me in any way. Everything on the old menu still applies, more or less, it is just a bit more spontaneous now, which is more fun anyway, right?

Isn't this illegal?

No. You can rest assured that during my sessions, money will never ever be exchanged for sexual services. It simply isn’t something I abide by.

Do you trade for 420?

No. I have nothing against those who enjoy 420 or take it medicinally, but I have no interest or use for it and do not accept trades for it.

When are you available?

Monday through Saturday from 10AM until 10PM

Sunday To Be Announced 

  • Sessions before 12:00pm/noon should be scheduled the night before. 
  • Last minute availability is hit and miss; schedule in advance whenever possible.
Who takes all of your photos?

My good friend and housemate, Ky West. He took up photography a few years back and often used me as one of his training models. Now, he’s returning the favor to me by taking all of my Provider pics.

Am I required to tip?

You are never required to tip. There may be times when a tip is strongly encouraged, but it’s still not a requirement.

(So what will happen if a tip is encouraged, and you ultmately don’t/can’t do it?)

Nothing. Nothing will happen. Your next session may simply be slightly less than tip-worthy, but don’t worry too much about it. I never do what I don’t want to do in the first place, so never fret.


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What does FBSM and GFE stand for?

Full-Body Sensual Massage and GirlFriend Experience.

Do you only see men?

No! I’m available to men, women, and trans of any race, color, and religion. I’m available to the physically handicapped, but not the mentally handicapped (sorry, please let me explain..).

The only people I refuse to see are those that are, or even may be, unable to fully comprehend the decisions they make for themselves, so that includes minors (anyone under 18-years old) and the mentally challenged/handicapped. I hope that makes sense.