Do Not See

 This is a simple one. When you make a bad first impression on your chosen provider, you’ll undoubtedly be put on her DNS list, meaning you’ve become someone she will not agree to see anytime then or in the future. Sometimes even regular clients manage to get themselves placed on a DNS list, for all different reasons. Maybe he started to get too comfortable and began to think he was entitled to certain services pro-boner.

Gentlemen, when you’ve seen one provider several times over a decent span of time, sure, she may offer you certain perks such as a discount from time to time or perhaps a service which is not typically offered on her regular “menu“; this depends entirely on the provider and every provider is unique. The one most important thing that you must remember at all times is that you can never expect or demand these perks. It isn’t up to you, okay? It’s only ever soley at her discretion, period, and she will let you know when she is feeling so generous, don’t worry about that.

But the moment you feel entitled, you may get a warning from her, one warning, and if that isn’t enough to get you to pull your head out of your ass, then I promise you she will not lose a moment’s sleep at night for kicking your dumbass to the DNS-curb.

Entitlement is just one example though. Some gentlemen might develop feelings for their provider. This is tough because although it may not be entirely his fault for feeling more strongly than he’d intended to (we are pretty amazing, after all), that doesn’t make it any less forbidden. Although I’m sure legit relationships have happened between clients and providers, it is so very rare and prolly doesn’t often end well. My advice, if you want it, is to not admit any such feelings for her, don’t suddenly start sending her flowers and lavish gifts (if such behavior isn’t normal for your nature) in the hopes that she will notice your change in desires cause the reality is she will definitely notice and to avoid causing you more pain than is necessary, she could decide to simply nip the drama in the bud by cutting you loose, with or without an explanation, before things get out of hand. If you don’t want that to happen, then keep your twitterpated longings to yourself, take a break and perhaps see someone else for a couple/few visits, and then return to your ATF when you’ve come to your senses. Some providers might disagree with me on these opinions and to them I say this- life is hard enough already, the chances of someone getting hurt with such a relationship are through the roof and to the moon, is that really what you want? Love may be blind, but it’s about to take a stroll without a walking stick. I’ll respect your opinion so long as you can respect mine and that goes for any disagreement. 

Finally, sometimes clients just “turn bad“, when once they were punctual respectful with excellent communication, now they cancel repeatedly and last-minute or possibly even NSNC or they conveniently forget to leave a donation thinking you wouldn’t notice (haha, um, hey Bub, did you forget something or…🙄) Basically, he dropped the ball thinking she’d forgive him for being a regular. The more likely scenario involves him getting dumped to the ground quicker than a premature pop. Bye Felicia.. 


The information written above is entirely subjective and is not written from personal experience, but rather from personal research. I do not condone or take part in any illegal behaviors or activities and I do not associate with anyone who does. 

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