There are several different ways to make initial contact with me. My preferred method, which offers quickest response and priority scheduling, is the online booking enquiry. The next best options are email or text. And finally, although it is possible to reach me through the online board sites such as TnA and TER, response time is often slow and you may not receive a reply in time for the appointment time you’re hoping to get.

The information I require for verification and booking include:

First/Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and References. 

If you are new and do not yet have a reference, you should include a brief paragraph to introduce yourself personally. Who I choose as a client is solely at my discretion, with or without references.


Preferred day/time for appointment, Alternate day/time for appointment (if first choice doesn’t work), and Duration of session you want (hh, h, etc.).


  • Phone
  • Email
  • Questions/Comments?