Twenty (20) Words To Describe Ms. Katya Richards In A Nut Jar:

Whether you’re a seasoned-hobbyist, a “newbie”, a fellow provider, a personal friend, a foe, a complete stranger, a potential client, a former client, a current client, etc., whoever you happen to be, as long as we have met in person at least one time, I want your honest opinion here, no matter how brutally honest. You have my full permission to disregard my feelings completely for this experiment and I swear there will be no repercussions (I won’t punish you, unless you wish to be…). Of course, I want to hear the positive things too, not only negative. Basically, my point here with this blog post is- if you could sum me as a person/provider/woman/human being with just one single word (no cheating, it has to be one word; hyphenated terms are okay like “red-head“), what would it be and why? I’m looking for 20-answers. 20-words. Be honest! My ego need not be coddled nor inflated, I swear. I am on a journey to better learn what my positive traits are and where I might self-improve. I want to know what you all think, even if you feel you don’t know me very well. Like I already said, the only rule is we must have met in person at least one time, however brief the encounter may have been.

Aaaaaaaand Go!