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A full body sensual massage is basically a front and back massage during which the client and provider are both usually partially or fully nude. Mutual touching may or may not be allowed by the provider. You should never ever ever ask your provider before meeting them whether or not she offers a “happy ending“. More often than not, after asking such a question, you’ll find yourself suddenly alone in the conversation. If the provider’s hourly rate is in the $150-250 range, chances are pretty good there will be some kind of release attempted during the session, but not always! Sometimes, you just have to take a chance. 

Many providers offer to give ‘sensual bodyrubs‘ in place of ‘sensual massage‘, mostly I believe to avoid crossing that boundary into the territory of professional licensed massage therapists. The word ‘massage‘ is guarded by the board of massage therapists like the knight guarding the holy grail in the Indiana Jones movie with Harrison Ford. Sometimes, it’s better to “choose wisely” and not step on any LMT’s toes. That’s just my two cents though. Should one decide to choose poorly, and actually end up in trouble for it, the provider can be forced to pay enormous fines and in other states, it’s even considered a misdemeanor or felony charge to advertise and perform massages on people without the proper schooling and certification/license. In Oregon, there are no criminal charges as far as I know, but the fines are pretty outrageous I hear. 


The information written above is entirely subjective and is not written from personal experience, but rather from personal research. I do not condone or take part in any illegal behaviors or activities and I do not associate with anyone who does.